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The Original Teen Moms will Say Goodbye

16 and Pregnant Season 1 Reunion

Teen Mom Season 3 Reunion

After four years and four seasons, MTV has officially announced that the original girls of Teen Mom’s fourth season will be their last. MTV released the official statement to US Weekly Magazine earlier today. On a Thursday night in June of 2009, we first met Maci, Ryan, and Bentley from Tennessee. The next Thursday we met Farrah and Sophia, then Amber, Gary, and Leah.  A couple weeks later we witnessed what I think we can all agree was one of the most touching moments in television history: Carly Elizabeth being given away by her loving birth parents, Catelynn and Tyler,  to a safer and more reliable home in Brandon and Theresa.

Oh how four years has changed so many of their situations. Catelynn and Tyler are the only Teen Mom couple still together…………and they’re also the only ones that don’t have a child that can benefit from that. We’ve discovered that Farrah’s situation was far more complex than anyone could have predicted in her 16 and Pregnant episode. The good news is that she is now happy and healthy furthering both her modeling and culinary careers. Maci is still in school studying broadcast journalism at Chattanooga State, and is reportedly in the beginning stages of a relationship with motocross racer, Kyle Regal. Amber is on probation and lost custody of her daughter. Luckily, Leah has a committed, “Mr. Mom” Daddy that has always been there to step in and fill in the gaps.

I leave you guys with some before and after photos of all the mommies, daddies, and babies.

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ETA: No word yet on the future of Teen Mom 2. I assume their days are numbered, though. A third season has already been taped and confirmed. I would guess that they too will end after 4 seasons.


Follow the Teen Moms on Pinterest!

I apologize in advance for turning you into this person^.

If you’re living under a rock, or maybe just outside of a sorority house, you might not have heard of the newest internet craze, Pinterest! Pinterest is a website where you have “boards” to pin images with links to anything from fashion, to photography, to food, to parenting tips! If you can think it, you can pin it! While it’s a little hard to understand at first, take my word that once you start you won’t stop. It’s essentially the crack cocaine of the internet, if you will. But much safer…..I think.

The good news is that all our favorite teen moms have started to join the Pinterest Party, so all our addictions have begun to cram into one! Chelsea, Kail, and Farrah all have confirmed Pintrest accounts that record their favorite things! Chelsea is at no surprise a fan of pinning hair and motivational pictures/quotes, Farrah is a fan of pinning fashion forward outfit ideas for both herself, Sophia, and a potential little boy in her future, and Kail, the newest TM Pinterest member, is a fan of crafts and tattoo pictures!

If you don’t have a Pinterest, it’s easy to start one! Just sign up through Facebook, Twitter, or email and Pinterest will send you an e-vite to join within 48 hours. I leave you with links to the Teen Moms Pintrest accounts so you can follow them. Just click on the picture and it will take you to their Pinterest account!

Maci’s New Boyfriend (or “just a friend” as the kids call it these days)

Miss Maci Bookout didn’t just go on spring break to have a fun time in Daytona with her friends! Maci, who broke off her two-year relationship with Kyle King at the end of January, met a new Kyle to welcome into hers and little Benny’s life. While both have denied that they’re dating, which we believe here at Teen Mom Central (at least for now), they seem to be a perfect match! So who is Maci’s new boyfriend friend?

My new favorite picture of Maci and Bentley! So Adorable!!!

Kyle Regal is a motocross racer that resides in Kemp, Texas. He is just a few months older than Maci (compared to Kyle and Ryan who were both 4 years older) as he’ll be 21 on May 14th of this year, and Maci will be 21 on August 10th of this year. He races for the San Manuel Yamaha team, so he has a job (again, an improvement from unemployed Kyle) and has been a professional motocross racer since 2009. He raced in Daytona where Maci and him met up on her Spring Break. He finished 13th overall in the SX class. Experts say he’s a pretty admirable racer who is focused on his career and not the money, as displayed by the fact he’s turned down multiple deals where decent amounts of cash would take up home in his bank account, but he refused the deal because they were with poor quality teams or equipment. He wants to succeed on his own, which means he’s not as likely to take advantage of Maci’s paycheck. This is all hypothetical though, as they are NOT dating…..yet.

Maci and Kyle Regal snuggling up in a cab!

Even if they say they’re not dating, they’re sure acting like it! Maci and Kyle snuggled up to each other in a cab while in Daytona (pictured above), along with taking tons of pics together. When Maci got home the connections continued. On twitter, her and Kyle talk back and forth, flirting with each other. Maci might need a guy like this thanks to her hectic schedule. Having a guy that understands she can’t always be there, just like he can’t always be there, thanks to her job might turn out a positive experience for the motocross loving mommy. Especially since the opposite, a guy who can always tag along with her, didn’t seem to work out as she’d hoped. Bentley, a motocross lover himself (even naming his Jack Russel Terrier puppy at his Daddy’s house “Moto”), skyped with Kyle Regal, where Maci said there were “No Girls Allowed!”. The main man in her life and her new friend talked all about racing all night! Many are saying this was “too soon” but I say that as long as this new Kyle character isn’t playing “Daddy” to Bentley in person than it’s no different then Bentley meeting any of Maci’s other friends. Skyping seems like a pretty innocent way for Bentley to get to know the new Kyle from a distance before Maci introduced them in person assuming they eventually do date. Maybe he’s just a rebound, maybe he really is just a friend, or maybe this is the start of the rest of Maci life when it comes to finding that traditional family setting she always hoped she could give Benny. Whatever it is, we here at Teen Mom Central love it!


Tyler and Catelynn Stay Happy in a Difficult Time

Everyone’s favorite Teen Mom couple, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, have never regretted giving their too cute daughter, Carly Elizabeth, up for adoption to North Carolina couple Brandon and Theresa. Although they’ve always stayed faithful to their decision, we’ve seen Catelynn and Tyler struggle with not knowing Carly’s last name (which they know now) and their own lack of effort to be in Carly’s life more often. Since the season has ended, the couple has been happier than ever! They set a wedding date: July 13, 2013 and took some engagement photos to capture the love! Perhaps what has made them happiest though is that they’ve gotten to see Carly not once, but TWICE this month! They bought a new house and Tyler says they have been busy with renovations and construction, along with starring in a PSA for Bethanny Christian Services . The couple has also spoke at schools and meeting groups for pregnant teens and those seeking adoption. They have undoubtedly put two faces on being content with giving their child a better life through adoption and have been the inspiration for so many couples to give their own child(ren) a better life with a couple more prepared for a child.

Through all this happiness there has unfortunately been some heartbreak, though. Tyler’s sister, Amber Baltierra, recently went through a heartbreaking miscarriage. The mother of Lexi, 5; and Jordan,4, Amber and boyfriend Matthew Bell are asking for everyone’s prayers in this difficult time. Amber says her uterus is abnormally high and that the placenta isn’t in the right spot to adequately protect the fetus. Through all this, she says she is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that her preschoolers have been keeping her smiling and busy through this difficult time. But, she says this is the hardest thing that she’s ever had to go through, and much more difficult then she ever expected since she passed the fetus naturally at the hospital. My prayers are with Amber and her family, and I hope you can send your encouraging words to her via twitter at:!/AmberBaltierra

Get Farrah and Sophia on the Shelf!

Almost three years ago, so many of us let Farrah and baby Sophia into our home for the first time. Ever since then, we’ve followed the duo along their journey to reach Farrah’s culinary dreams!!! Farrah has been one of the only girls to stick to her plan from the start, not even allowing a baby to stop her! She headed down to Florida last year where she enrolled at her dream school, Florida International University, and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to help her achieve her Culinary Management degree.

Farrah is on the fast track, as usual, and is already launching her own Mom & Me Premium Hot Pepper Sauce! The sauce is her own family’s recipe that was passed down to Farrah through the four generations before her, and Miss Farrah plans to share the sauce with her adorable toddler Sophia whenever she gets old enough. Farrah has been trying hard to give Sophia more than just a recipe, but maybe even an entire business! Farrah and her mom, Debra, have been hard at work promoting the sauce but need your help! They are trying to get the sauce to a Walmart nearest to you so you can try the sauce firsthand!

What’s that you say, so how can YOU help? Well I thought you’d never ask! If you have internet access, you can go here to the “Get on the Shelf” website and vote for the sauce via Facebook, OR if you have a cellphone at hand, you can vote via text message! To vote by text (which in my opinion is the easier way) you must simply text the product’s code, 4955, to the number 383838 . Let’s help our favorite sassy chef on Teen Mom reach some culinary dreams!

Maci Bookout lets her (Multi-colored) Hair Down in Daytona!

Like so many other college students, Maci Bookout headed down to Daytona this weekend to party her pants off (luckily she had a pretty bikini underneath) in Daytona Beach! Lucky for us fans, Maci and Company have been documenting the trip and updating us about the smashing time they’re having!

Maci and friends entered the Sunshine State by way of car early morning and Spring Break officially began!

Maci showed off her infamous inked up back! The cupcakes, lighting bolt,
notebook paper, and human heart all seemed to be perfectly intact!

Maci’s friend Katie, who’s also her and Bentley’s roomie back in
Chattanooga, primed her cheek so Maci could plant a smooch!

Maci and her friend Hope shared a hug so great that it almost sent
Maci over the balcony! Lucky for us, Hope has quite the strong grip
and held on tight to America’s favorite tatted-up Teen Mom.

Maci and Co. headed out for trip to experience Daytona nightlife!

Bentley woke up at Ryan’s this morning expressing his displease that he
wasn’t invited to build sandcastles and catch clams with his pretty momma
in Daytona this weekend. He is having a fun filled weekend with his daddy,
his mimi, and his grandpa, though!

Finally, the gorgeous Teen Mom flashed a genuine smile with
a beautiful backdrop for all of us not on spring break at the beach to
be jealous about! I’ll keep updating you guys as their trip wraps up for the week!

Teen Mom Return Date Announced!

Your original Teen Moms have officially announced a return date! Drumroll please…….

JUNE 19th, 2012!

At 10pm on Tuesday, June 19th, Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn will be welcomed back into your homes to share their stories for a 4th (and perhaps final) season. I wonder how the girls will be spending the momentous occasion?